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Your Child is Special

To help all children succeed, parents should focus on recognising the strengths of each of their children and be careful about vocally making comparisons in front of them.   Your Child is Special   Even subtle comparisons will have a role in how our children’s personalities develop. Recently published in the Journal of Family Psychology, researchers found that teenagers’ future report card grades were influenced by their parents’ beliefs as to which child was smarter.The child considered to be smarter performed better than the one parents believed was less capable. It is important for parents to recognise that each child is born with unique inherent potentials. All children are intelligent but they are intelligent differently. According to Multiple Intelligence Theory by Howard Gardner accepted and validated world over by educators, all human beings have eight types of Intelligence. Each one of us has a set of two to three intelligence dominant that determine our potential and the way we learn. Collaborate with school to know the true potential of your children, their talents, their interests and their learning style. Value their uniqueness, parents’ belief in their activities will encourage them, build their self esteem and confidence which in turn will generate more and more enthusiasm to do better. They will learn to better themselves with each day, not to be better than their counterparts. They will pursue their own interests, their own passion and excel in what they love to do best. Parents have a great role to play in their journey to reach their goals. Parenting is the most difficult job in the world and there is no such thing as the “Ideal Parenting”. But you are the first teachers of your children. You are the ones they look upto and you are the ones they come to when they are low. So it is your duty to strive to put your best foot forward, to let your most precious possession, your kids grow each day in a positive environment. Let us tell them every day how special they are. 
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