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Teaching News Literacy

In an era where news spreads like wildfire, it becomes difficult to interpret the source and distinguish between fake and real news. People rely upon such news without any credibility and forward it to others. School children who have access to technology are falling into the same trap. They tend to misinform each other, and the news keeps on spreading without a break. As one of the top schools in sector 21, Panchkula, at the Sky World School, we make sure our students do not pass on unwanted information by helping them differentiate between fake and real news. Given below are a few strategies that will help you make your students aware of the same: • Make students aware of things happening worldwide. Appoint five students to bring two pieces of news in a day, with one being real and the other fake. Discuss them one by one. Help the students identify which news is correct and which one is incorrect. • Inform your students that whatever they read online is not necessarily true. Many times things can be manipulated. • Encourage them to look for sources. Often a piece of news having no credibility is considered fake. • Help them go through a piece of news thoroughly, for example, if it is defaming someone, look at both sides and try to make it more simple for the students. Allow them to have an opinion on the issue. • Tell your students about the importance of staying away from unhealthy gossips. • Make it mandatory for the students to bring a newspaper to school. This will shift their interest in reading authentic information while helping them learn a language better. • It is crucial that a child uses social media platforms responsibly. The option of sharing news online can create a lot of problems. It should only be shared if it has a trusted source. As one of the top schools near Peer Muchalla, at Sky World School, we feel it is our responsibility to make our students literate when it comes to a bulk of information.

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