Dear Parents,

It is a pleasure to have your child, your most precious possession with us in theSKYworldschool. We are grateful to the Almighty for the opportunity to serve His most wonderful and the best creation. We are committed to provide a carefully created environment for him/her where learning would happen by fun, thinking would be stress free and creativity is nurtured. Thus the child pursues learning as a fanciful journey to become an inspired member of the society and also acts as a source of inspiration for everyone around him/her.

TheSKYworldschool works on a mission to nurture and groom students to attain all – round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physical, social skills and aesthetics, and to develop good habits, so as to prepare them for harmonious and happy life. The SKY school’s warm, caring and stimulating environment develops students’ love for learning and cultivate in them positive learning attitudes, in order to lay strong foundation for their lifelong learning.

However the best is possible with your co-operation, as the parents are the child’s first teachers and important pillars of their development.

We ensure you that our goal is to kindle the latent potential spark in every star–kid to empower him/her to keep moving ahead with full strength of his/her own powerhouse.

Mrs. Santosh Bhandari