The Sky World School I Best CBSE School in Panchkula

Students learn best by doing, vigorously and digitally.

Amazing thing about the digital revolution in education is that it is not only re-inventing education; it is reviving education’s best traditions and practices. Our project based classrooms and all the ways in which our students are learning by engaging with real – world challenges, drawing from the wide world of technology, and learning skills by practicing them for real audiences, these things were the hallmarks of earliest classroom, before there were classroom walls and school roofs. The schools of the future are better than the schools of past not because its students are digitally savvy or outfitted for the modern economy of google facile, but because it prompts supports and sustains learning in traditional (as well as new) discipline in more varied, intelligent and effective ways. In this way it builds upon expresses and improves so much of what has been true and rich for centuries, prompts, supports and sustains learning in more varied, intelligent and effective way. 
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