The Sky World School I Best CBSE School in Panchkula

IQ is NOT the criteria of how intelligent the child is:

• Child should not be judged to have high, low or average intelligence. • Labeling a child intelligent or unintelligent is a ridiculous notion. • Children possess a set of intelligences – not just one type or level of intelligence. • The fact is that each child has a unique mix of multiple intelligence types and is intelligent in different ways. • Each child has unique learning styles matching the dominant intelligences he/she has. • Trusting children and using their natural strengths as a learning channel will develop their confidence, lift their belief and develop love for learning for now and throughout life. • Understanding Multiple Intelligence theory will be a first step for the teachers and the parents towards valuing and developing each child in a more compassionate and constructive way. • The SKYworld Learning System discovers and promotes the range of intelligences children have, value them who they are, what they can be, help them grow and realize their full potential.
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