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Importance of Note-Taking and Note-Making

Note taking is a process where you jot down important points during a lecture to remember the things that have been told. It is a record that helps you collect information for your benefit without really processing the material. Note making involves processing of the material. It helps you receive in-depth information about the subject. It is an active approach to studying since you analyze and summarize whatever you write. Topping the list of schools in tricity, Sky World School, has come up with some points on the importance of note taking and note making: Note Taking: • It enhances the academic success of a student. • Note taking improves attention and focus. • By taking notes, students participate in active learning. • It helps boost a child’s retention power. • Helps students get rid of unwanted information. • Makes a student more organized. • It helps the students to keep their mind active during lectures. • At the time of revision, students can take help from the notes and have easy access to the topics. Note Making: • Students get to make notes based on their capacity. • At the time of exams, students gather all information from one place. Also, the way study material is assembled, helps them understand the lessons better. • According to the student’s convenience changes can be made. • Information is always ready whenever required. • Help students to identify key ideas. • They can link syllabus to the study material. • You can make the notes at your pace and add additional information when required. Note taking and making is not only beneficial for school but also play a crucial role in professional life. When these small values are adopted in a classroom children flourish. As the best school in Panchkula, at Sky World School, we help our students reach success by pushing them towards their goal.

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