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Framework for transformative process?

In my last blog I wrote, that education is essentially and by its very nature a transformative process. The question is, “What is the framework for this transformative process to take place?” The answer is, a conducive, warm, welcoming and an inspiring school climate. Nothing grows unless there is a good climate. Humans are partakers of nature. This is as true for our children as for plants and animals. The foundation of school climate is mutual trust and team spirit. We must trust the children, trust their inherent ability to learn, their sense of wonder, their curiosity and their love for learning. Use all these and their unique strengths and learning styles that fit their conditions and stage of development. In-fact all these they use naturally and well and we must facilitate, nurture, nourish, and empower. We must be very careful lest we should try to train them out of it.
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