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For Human Being Learning is as Natural as Breathing

For Human Being learning is as natural as breathing Following the natural way the child learns is more relevant today than even before – because self directed learning is the only answer in this fast changing era of technology driven knowledge society. Not to merely focus on imparting skills and knowledge to the students, it is important to enable them to learn how, when and where to apply all that they are learning. It is important to ensure that children are equipped with the wisdom to use the knowledge and skills towards positive productivity. It will happen if the students remain grounded and humble and his/her achievements must not make him/her egoistic. If basic human values like selflessness, kindness, patriotism, discipline and work ethics are not taught from the primary stage we may end up producing educated young who, due to lack of direction, will cater only to their selfish ends and ever increasing greed. Their lack of value based education paves the way for corrupt practices in society today.  
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