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Education To Be Transformed – Not To Be Reformed

Education To Be Transformed – Not To Be Reformed Based on the decades of work in the field of education in Schools and Colleges, I have built a strong belief that education does not need to be reformed, it needs to be transformed. There is a need to shift the focus on the process over content, to personalise it not to standardise it. Primary focus should not be curriculum and assessment but on how we use the curriculum and assessment to identify each child’s individual talent and way he/she learns and then developing a process of teaching learning to align to the way he/she learns naturally. Learning happens in the minds and souls of individuals – not in the database of test scores. Learning is a personal process. Each child is born with a unique set of individual potential and intelligence exactly like his/her unique DNA. Secondly, all children are born learners, they love to learn if we support and facilitate them to use their inherent sense of wonder, curiosity and enthusiasm to learn. Therefore, the key is to develop the education model to address the individual learning needs of all children, provide them conducive learning environment, engaging them in a variety of inspiring activities, wherein they actively learn by doing through reflection. SKY Learning System incorporates combination of Multiple Intelligence, Experiential Learning, and Inquiry based Discovery Method. It embraces the core principles to build achievement on discovering the individual talents of each child, to provide an environment where they learn, and where they can naturally discover their true passions. Some of the most invigorating and successful innovations in education around the world illustrate the real power of this approach. Our students have validated by demonstrating learning outcomes in terms of creative thinking skills, communication skills, as well as scoring high marks in Board examinations.
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