The Sky World School I Best CBSE School in Panchkula

Campus Safety

With the recent cases of how students are not safe within the school premises, it develops a fear among the parents when it comes to the safety and security of a child. Skyworld School, one of the best school in Panchkula gives you a checklist to ensure whether your child is safe in the school premises or not. • The school environment including the school buildings, premises, playgrounds, laboratories, computer rooms, libraries, toilets, drinking water facilities, and the surroundings safe and secure. • The building should be constructed to ensure the safety of life and be more resistant to hazards. • Students need to be better aware and prepared to respond to any disaster, natural or man-made. • The school basic fire safety equipment and organize fire drills for the students to prepare them to respond to any situation of crisis. • Psychosocial safety of a child is as important as physical safety. A school must be vigilant towards children showing symptoms of aggression, depression, and feeling of helplessness. • The staff should be trained to understand child behavior including the administrators and the cleaning staff. • The school transport should have a GPS system and the parents should be aware of the child’s whereabouts. • The school staff should be hired on the basis of a past background check including their residence and past employment. • A school should be able to provide all the healthcare facilities and also access to mental health services. • A school should have a proper visitor management system to keep a check on the entry of outsiders in the premises. • CCTV cameras should be installed at multiple locations to ensure a child’s day to day safety. Being the best CBSE schools in Panchkula, we make sure that your child feels safe and welcomed in the school and also develop a trusting relationship with the parents to assure them about their child’s safety.

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