The Sky World School I Best CBSE School in Panchkula

Any sign of anxiety, aggressive behavior, withdrawal, falling grades, isolation, getting hooked to online games calls for help. On such occasions, parents should respond calmly rather than reacting and interrogating out of their own concern and anxiety; thus depriving child of love, trust and healing he/she needs most especially in such times. We need to remember that child is going through pain because of some vacuum or loss that only parents’ empathy and understanding can heal. Timely consultation with School Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist must be sought before it is too late. The recent tragic incident caused by playing dangerous game like Blue Whale is a wake up call for serious attention to monitor children’s activities online and their behavior. We are sending advisory via e-mail to keep parents updated with the recent Internet phenomenon. We are taking relevant measures in school as well. Children are our collective responsibility and the most prized possession gifted by Almighty.
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