It goes without saying how important is the role of co-curricular activities in skill development and personality development. Through CCAs, child discovers interests and talents while developing values and competencies to achieve success in the 21st century. The SKY learning system lays special emphasis on co-curricular activities and includes a bouquet of co-curricular activities. Students are provided with rich opportunities for Art, Drama, Music and Dance to develop their imagination, natural curiosity, self-confidence and self-esteem.


Theatre forms an important part of the SKY CCA and students prepare various plays to perform on school Annual function. Theatre aims to develop self-confidence; express confidently and removing stage fright along with providing a platform to students to speak on issues of social concerns. Mr. Ravinder Sharma, a noted theatre personality of Chandigarh with over 20 years of experience, instructs students every Saturday to prepare plays. The theme is chosen to positively influence young minds.



Art and Craft

Art and Craft offered is relevant to children’s interest and age. In early years, they express their ideas and develop skills through colors, lines, shapes, space, patterns and texture. As they progress, they make drawings, paintings and three dimensional projects.


Highly qualified and experienced teachers train students in classical vocal and western vocal music.


Dance forms a significant component of the SKY Learning system and stages are set in all SKY Annual carnivals for students to perform and participate in various inter school competitions. Students prepare folk, classical and western performances in dance classes and dance club.




The SKY learning system lays emphasis on physical and mental fitness and hence Taekwondo forms an important part of the SKY Co – Curricular Activities. Taekwondo has been a regular part of school curriculum and students have excelled in all District Level Championships. The school has roped in Mr. Jasbir Gill, Joint Secretary of Taekwondo Federation of India, to guide the students. He has appointed coach in the school to train the students and regularly observes the students’ performances.

Character Development Workshops

In the times where exposure to wide variety of information is easily available to the students, the SKY learning system gives emphasis to the importance of workshops and interactive sessions which aim to develop high character, self-esteem and integrity in the students. Col. B M Sabhlok, and Mrs. Sudha Sabhlok visit the school frequently to interact with the students, and have interactive sessions on various topics which are relevant to their age.  


Skating is yet another important part of the SKY Curriculum. Professional trainers Ms. Saryu and Mr. Sachin train students in the Sport and prepare them for various championships. Skating is a part of the SKY curriculum and is available to students in the evening academy also.