The Sky World School I Best CBSE School in Panchkula


Students’ Participation and Awards (Session 2017-18)
Ishi PrajapatiClass IISkatingSilver
Ishi PrajapatiClass IISkatingBronze
Kishika AroraClass VIIIPainting Competition2nd
Vanshika SharmaClass IVDance War-9Bronze
Ananya VermaClass UKGSkating Carnival – 300 mtrsGold Medal – 300mtrs
Ananya VermaClass UKGSkating Carnival – 1000 mtrsGold Medal – 1000mtrs
Ananya VermaClass UKGSkating Carnival – 500 mtrsSilver Medal – 500mtrs
ChehakClass VIIISolo Dance1st
Vanshika SharmaClass IVSolo Dance3rd
Neetika SarohaClass VIIIFace Painting3rd
Kishika AroraClass VIIIFace Painting3rd
Ishi PrajapatiClass IIRolling Tigers Inter Academy Skating CompetitionSilver
Tanzil MahajanClass IRolling Tigers Inter Academy Skating CompetitionSilver
Himanshu SharmaClass XTaekwandoGold (Selected for State Taekwando Championship)
Shreya SinghClass VIITaekwandoGold (Selected for State Taekwando Championship)
Nikhil SharmaClass XTaekwandoBronze
Ishi PrajapatiClass IIGold
Ishi PrajapatiClass IIBronze
Devinder SainiClass IV3rd Open India Invitational Taekwando Championship 2017Gold
Devinder SainiClass IV3rd Open India Invitational Taekwando Championship 2017Gold
Ranvir PuniaClass VIBharat Ko JanoIst prize
GauravClass VIIBharat Ko JanoIst prize
HimanshuClass XKhel Mahakumbh TaekwondoBronze Medal
VatsalClass VIIKhel Mahakumbh TaekwondoBronze Medal
NikhilClass XKhel Mahakumbh TaekwondoGold Medal
AranyaClass IVKhel Mahakumbh TaekwondoSilver Medal
VanshikaClass IVKhel Mahakumbh TaekwondoSilver Medal
KishikaClass VIIIDiya Decoration CompetitionIst prize
Ananya ThakurClass IVTaekwandoSilver Medal
Kavish SachdevaClass IVTaekwandoGold Medal
Atharv SalthiaClass UKG AChildren’s Day CelebrationIIIrd Prize
Aaradhya VermaClass LKG AChildren’s Day CelebrationIInd Prize
Stacia AroraClass LKG CChildren’s Day CelebrationIIIrd Prize
  1. Diya Narang (Class III) and Trisha Das (Class I): Winners in Rang De – National Level Art Workshop by Sanskar Bharti.
  2. Open District Panchkula Championship Winners
    Vaishavi prajapatiMudit GandhiSehar Sharma Samarth Deshmane Kunal Thakur Ujjwal Gandhi Akash Aggarwal Aranya ThakurClass IClass IClass I Class IV Class II UKG Class V UKGBronzeBronzeBronze Bronze Silver Bronze Silver Bronze
    1. Ranvir Punia Anurag Dhiman Devyanshi Kashyap Ranvir PuniaClass II Class III Class III Class INational Cyber Olympiad National Cyber Olympiad National Cyber Olympiad National English OlympiadCity rank 1 City Rank 4 City Rank 5 Gold Medal
    2. Participation by School students in Environment Programs: Planting Trees to conserve life
    3. Participation by all classes in various service initiatives: Peace March, Energy Conservation and ‘Say No to Polythene’ awareness campaign.


    1. Ranvir Punia, Class III, International Rank 1, in Cyber Olympiad Level I organized by SOF in 19 nations.
    2. Yash Kashyap of Class III has bagged International Rank 84
    3. Sitansu of class II has bagged Zonal Rank 72 and Diya Narang of class IV has bagged zonal rank 92 among students from Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Haryana in Cyber Olympiad organized by SOF World.
    4. Ranvir Punia of Class III secured City Rank 1 and State Rank 45 in level 1 of Science Olympiad organized by SOF.
    5. Anurag Dhiman of Class IV bagged Gold Medal in NSO with School Rank 4 and City Rank 7.
    6. Aryan khindri of Class I, Sarthak of Class II and Ranvir Puunia of class III bagged Gold Medal in IMO.
    7. Trisha Das of Class II has bagged medal of Excellence scoring 100% marks and 17th Zonal Rank in IEO.
    8. Ranvir Punia of class III has bagged gold medal in IEO with zonal rank 6 and Aryan Khindri bagged School Rank in IEO.
    9. Ranvir Punia of class III secured second position in 14th Chandigarh State Sub Junior Taekwondo Championship 2014.
    10. Rudransh Gupta of Class I has bagged Silver Medal in Open Interhouse Taekwondo Championship at Stepping Stones School on 9th – 10th October 2014.
    11. Dhruv Gera of Class III have received Bronze medal in Open Inter School Taekwondo Championship at Stepping Stones on 9th – 10th October 2014.
    12. Kunal Thakur of Class III received Bronze Medal in Open Inter School Taekwondo Championship at Stepping Stones on 9th – 10th October 2014.
    13. Aranya Thakur, Class I, bagged 3rd prize in Dress up like Gandhiji competition.