We as school & parents want our children to be happy, healthy & progressing


We as school and parents want our children to be happy, healthy and progressing. It has always been important to monitor their behavior, interactions and the company they keep, etc. it has become much more important and challenging to effectively do the same because of the healthy use of digital devices and online network. Parents must take some of the steps like checking up children’s web history or social media profile, look through their cell phone history or even use tact based parental control especially for young teens. It is also important to set rules based on time of day, frequency of use and location of use.
theSKYworldschool invites parents to share their experiences with various ways and with what works and what does not for different age groups. Let us work together to enable our children to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually healthy so that they build a better society for themselves and for all around them.

Children’s growth in all dimensions is the Nature at work

Human beings are the partakers of Nature. Children’s growth in all dimensions is the Nature at work.
Education is guiding process of this natural growth determined by the needs at different stages. We can
not guide the natural development by forcing a piece of concrete knowledge that has taken generations
of exploration to be formulated. Teacher has to look at the curriculum through the eyes of her students
and allow them to make connections themselves and discover. It has to be continuous reconstruction
moving from the children’s existing knowledge & real life experiences.
Teacher should know how and why curriculum must provide opportunities to explore, experience and
connect information, so the child internalizes the concept and feels confident as the co-creator of
knowledge. This process will enable him/her for further inquiry and discovery to build new knowledge
and prepare for learning through out life.

Happy Woman’s Day!

Sisters and Daughters… You are inherently empowered. You are co-creators and life givers with the Almighty. Unique strengths like emotions, feelings, motivation, inspiration and inner strength are innate in you. Each one of you is the first guru, first teacher, giving first lesson of good conduct. You lead the family in many ways. You are already leaders and empowered. You don’t have to ask for it, just realize and assume it. Take the lead, use your potential to spread values, peace, bring unity, build strong and loving relationship and make this world a better place. YOU CAN DO IT!

Sporting Spirit Comes Alive at Sky School Mini Olympics

Bringing together children from across the city, the Sky World School in Sector 21 organised day-long sporting events to mark its annual sports day, popularly called the Mini Olympics. Edusports, India’s leading professional entity in sports supervised & managed the event. The unique feature of the event was participation of students from other Panchkula schools in the open category. Students enthusiastically participated in different races and activities like ‘Crawl and Run Race’, ‘Zig Zag Balancing’, ’30 m low hurdle race’, ’20 m Sprint’, ‘Chick Race’, ‘Javelin Throw’ etc. Seniors of the family also got a chance to participate in some games like ‘Balancing the Ball’, ‘Brisk Walk, ‘Catch the Ball’’ etc giving them an opportunity to relive their childhood. 

The event was inaugrated by Mr. Avinash Chandra Bhandari, who is the patron of theSKYworldschool management. While speaking on the occasion,Mr. Avinash Chandra Bhandari said that it was indeed heartening to see the zeal of students who so enthusiastically participated in the sporting activities. He lauded the efforts of the school to keep the event open for all schools.

Director Principal, Mrs. Santosh Bhandari said, “Mini Olympics as the name suggests is to give children a platform to compete and hone their sporting skills and also encourage healthy competition. Our annual sports day aims at developing the students’ confidence and self esteem, in addition to developing their stamina.”