Any sign of anxiety, aggressive behavior, withdrawal, falling grades, isolation, getting hooked to online games calls for help. On such occasions, parents should respond calmly rather than reacting and interrogating out of their own concern and anxiety; thus depriving child of love, trust and healing he/she needs most especially in such times. We need to remember that child is going through pain because of some vacuum or loss that only parents’ empathy and understanding can heal. Timely consultation with School Counselor/ Psychologist/ Psychiatrist must be sought before it is too late.

The recent tragic incident caused by playing dangerous game like Blue Whale is a wake up call for serious attention to monitor children’s activities online and their behavior. We are sending advisory via e-mail to keep parents updated with the recent Internet phenomenon. We are taking relevant measures in school as well. Children are our collective responsibility and the most prized possession gifted by Almighty.

Children are the most prized possession we have

Children are the most prized possession we have. Undoubtedly, their safety is of upmost importance anywhere, everywhere, anytime. Whatsoever is required to be done by schools, parents and enforcement agencies MUST be done. There is no conflict of interest, there should not be any. All should work together, all should be vigilant. Especially schools and parents should work hand in hand. In case parents see any gaps or lapse on the part of the school, they should bring to the notice of management with a team spirit. School management in turn will see to it that corrective measures are taken immediately.

Let us work together for the safety of children.

We as school & parents want our children to be happy, healthy & progressing


We as school and parents want our children to be happy, healthy and progressing. It has always been important to monitor their behavior, interactions and the company they keep, etc. it has become much more important and challenging to effectively do the same because of the healthy use of digital devices and online network. Parents must take some of the steps like checking up children’s web history or social media profile, look through their cell phone history or even use tact based parental control especially for young teens. It is also important to set rules based on time of day, frequency of use and location of use.
theSKYworldschool invites parents to share their experiences with various ways and with what works and what does not for different age groups. Let us work together to enable our children to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually healthy so that they build a better society for themselves and for all around them.

Children’s growth in all dimensions is the Nature at work

Human beings are the partakers of Nature. Children’s growth in all dimensions is the Nature at work.
Education is guiding process of this natural growth determined by the needs at different stages. We can
not guide the natural development by forcing a piece of concrete knowledge that has taken generations
of exploration to be formulated. Teacher has to look at the curriculum through the eyes of her students
and allow them to make connections themselves and discover. It has to be continuous reconstruction
moving from the children’s existing knowledge & real life experiences.
Teacher should know how and why curriculum must provide opportunities to explore, experience and
connect information, so the child internalizes the concept and feels confident as the co-creator of
knowledge. This process will enable him/her for further inquiry and discovery to build new knowledge
and prepare for learning through out life.